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Clients meet with a therapist to conduct an initial assessment and to assess strengths and liabilities.  Further sessions are focused on developing and implementing new strategies for reducing mental health symptoms.  Typical issues dealt with in individual therapy include anxiety and depression, grief and loss, transitions in life, struggles with shame and guilt, problems involving work and academics.


Couples meet with a therapist to conduct an assessment addressing the history of the relationship, its strengths and its downfalls.  Frequent points of focus in couples therapy include:  communication patterns, the impact of unresolved conflict, the influence of early childhood experiences in a person’s family of origin, the restoration of damaged trust between partners, the division of labor between partners, and forgiveness between individuals.


The aim of family therapy is to improve the quality of the relationships between all members.  Family members talk as a group with a therapist.  The focus of family therapy is to increase empathy among members, improve communication and problem-solving skills, and address specific problems that lead to discouragement and animosity.  Typical issues addressed in family therapy include:  communication, unresolved pain from past conflict, managing resentment, parent-child conflict, and addressing the impact of addictions.


Dimick Counseling has provided family therapy for Rice County families on a contracted basis since 1994.  In 2017 the agency developed a new and creative approach to help troubled families called:  “Healthy Parents, Healthy Families”  (HPHF).  The program involves an intensive group therapy experience for parents with child protective service cases.  HPHF takes a comprehensive approach to address the challenges of mothers and fathers who have crossed a boundary, and brought harm upon the children they love through patterns of neglect, abuse and addiction.  The program helps parents face with honesty the harm they have caused.  It helps parents to learn to forgive themselves, make amends with their kids, restore trust, and build new patterns for healthier lives and families.

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